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Lyon an attractive European metropolis

To join Lyon and its region, it is to choose one of the most attractive European metropolises. Destination was competitive and opened on the world, Lyon attracts every year more and more companies and talents. To implant your company at the heart of the region Rhône-Alpes, it is to choose one of the richest and in the vastest regions of Europe.

ViaLyon, an economically attractive European metropolis.

The French Tech

La-French-Tech_visuel_press_file_mediumFrench Tech, it is what? What is its brilliance in region and on the international stage? What initiatives? Discover our complete file dedicated to this movement of collective mobilization which knows an increasing success!


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Robots, Drones and Artificial intelligence

bionicant-festo-robot-fourmiRobots, Drones and Artificial intelligence ¦ The daily current events of robots and drones any  sectors: industrial, military robot or of services, for personal use or professional.

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