New meeting between ADECOL and JIIEM in Jiangmen

It is by an ultimate journey in China that the year ended for ADECOL. Daniel Suissa pursued the negotiations begun last April with JIIEM. For that purpose, he was accompanied with Bernard Toquet, CEO of TIGER PROCESS. It was a question of demonstrating the relevance of the proposed solutions and of convincing the Chinese leaders. The confidence is appropriate and everything lets think that an agreement could be born in the next weeks. Coming up next!







Lyon welcomes Innorobo, the biggest European  exhibition on robotics of service. The place where we cross some fiction in the reality. It is the opportunity given to these robots, once a year since 2011, to take out of their laboratories of the whole world and to show their capacities before skipping soon into numerous domains of our everyday life.

ADECOL in HANGZHOU for new businesses …

While a delegation of Lyon taken by his mayor G. Collomb planned a travel in China from 22 till 27 June with a visit to Hangzhou, Daniel Suissa although invited to participate in this trip, decided to call ahead and go alone. Or almost. Indeed, a company the Rhône Alpine had also made the journey to meet a Chinese investor. To the program also, the meetings with many Chinese industrialists in particular in domains of the e-commerce. A busy week and good prospects for the coming months.

Cooperative agreement between JIIEM & ADECOL

Daniel Suissa President of Adecol and Feng Xu Chu, President of Jiangmen Intellectual Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute signed a cooperation agreement on 7 April 2015, Wing Kwong Hall Hotel Guangzhou.
The agreement between the two companies aims to promote economic and technological exchanges on integrated robotic solutions.


ADECOL met chinese industrial companies in Jiangmen


During our visit to the Guangdong Province, we could appreciate the hospitality of our Chinese hosts.

From left to right:

General Manager Tang Wendong, Wang Mou (Hong Kong) Development Limited

Professor & Director Lin Xun Liang, School of Business Administration, Guangdong University of Finance & Economics

General Manager & Senior Engineer Li Shiqi, Jiangmen P.E.F. Co., Ltd.

Chief Technical Officer Hubert Martin, Adecol

Founder & President Daniel Suissa, Adecol

Chief Economic Manager Guan Kaining, Jiangmen Economic & Information Technology Bureau

President Feng Xuchu, Jiangmen Intellectual Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute



阿德高(ADECOL)与机器人设计(ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT)及3R网络(Réseau 3R)签署了一项推广机器人整体方案的合作协议。

机器人设计(ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT) 是二手多品牌工业机器人租赁领域的领军企业,通过其网络平台   出租各类品牌机器人,如ABB, KUKA, FANUC, STAUBLI, MOTOMAN

3R网络(Réseau 3R)联合工业机器人领域的不同企业(集成商,维护企业等)能在最大程度上满足用户的不同需求。